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Archizam is a great way to get studying done quickly. This is the first study prep provider that provides questions specifically for the AIA contracts and they are SUPER helpful. The question format is innovative because you can check your answers on the spot and resources are given to back up the correct answers. I would highly recommend, especially because the cost is efficient as well.

- Feyi Q

Great content and it's affordable! I love the different length quizzes to test your knowledge. The explanations are simple, concise and provide a great jumping off point to further dive into the material. I love the added links and recommended readings which help supplement your studying further. The content is appropriate, and it aligns well with the actual material covered in NCARB's 6 exams. The Archizam articles also offer great advice on testing strategies and last minute tips!

- Matt W

Super affordable!! I started using these practice questions late in my studies (I only had PDD left) but I wish I had known about them sooner as I had spent a fortune over the years preparing for the ARE exams. I like how the practice questions also provide links to articles or other resources explaining in further detail why your answer to the practice question may be right or wrong.

- Andrew R

Archizam has been an effective resource for preparing myself to be able to see and understand the concept of the question, rather than attempting to memorize information for the unlikely probability of getting a similar question on the exam.

- Ben D

Preparing for the ARE is scary at best, but using practice exams helped to prepare me better than any other resource.  I tried many and Archizam ranked among the top for content, affordability and flexibility in use! On my computer, tablet or phone, any way and anytime I chose to study, it was there.  The explanations helped to solidify concepts and knowledge points. Also, the guys at Archizam understand, they responded quickly to questions or concerns.  Thanks! 

- Patricia B

I learn best by TAKING PRACTICE EXAMS. THIS RESOURCE WAS A GREAT TOOL TO STUDY AND gain more knowledge on other topics shown in the answers. It's affordable and I can take it anywhere. I highly recommend these practice questions!

- Cassidy S

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