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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 5 Day Guarantee?
Our Study Pro membership comes with a 5 day money back guarantee. If you have purchased that plan and within 5 days decide it's not right for you, we will honor a refund. We ask that you send us an email explaining why you were unhappy with the exams so we can improve them in the future!
What does a premium membership get me?
We have 3 premium memberships. Two of them are subscription plans that charge a recurring fee. One of them is a fixed fee plan that will only charge you one time. Regardless of the plan you pick, you will have full access to all practice exams for every test division.
What length exam should I take?
Each exam has a single bank of questions. When you select an exam, you are only selecting the length of exam. The questions may vary every time. This way if you are short on time you can take the 20 question exam multiple times without retaking the exact same exam. The 10Q Free exam questions do not vary.

Who created these questions?
Archizam's questions were written by us (Ben and Mark) as we prepared for our own ARE exams. We tried to create the most relevant questions we could think of, and we will continue to do so as Archizam grows. If you have a topic you would like covered, please let us know.

What is the refund policy?
Archizam offers a 5 day money back guarantee with the purchase of the Study Pro membership. No refunds are offered for the Quiz Master or Test Prepper plans. Please be aware that these two are recurring subscriptions until canceled, but we cannot refund you if you simply forget to cancel your account. Refunds will also not be given for the purchase of digital PDFs as these are not returnable.

Why do I have to type "start" to begin the quiz?
We use this feature to track how often each of our quizzes are taken so we know which ones are most popular. Beginning the quiz should be as simple as typing "start".

What is GoConqr?
GoConqr is the service that hosts our quizzes.

Do I need to log in to GoConqr to take these quizzes?
Never. It's possible you are getting a message asking you to log in to GoConqr in order to take the exam. You never need to do this. Simply make sure "Cookies" are enabled on your browser and you will no longer get this message. Alternatively, you can click the "click here" link below our exams to solve this problem.

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