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What in the world are "record drawings" anyway

Record Drawings are a confusing subject....

And as someone who has been asked many times to create "As Built" drawings, I can tell you that it is a sticky legal subject....

First - Record drawings or as built drawings mean different things to different people. I think that this largely depends on what side of the table you are sitting on at the jobsite. Which means, it is important to consult the operating agreement that the parties have signed off on to determine what was agreed upon.

That operating agreement, theoretically, passed through a lawyer who can matter of fact represent to you what you agreed upon. When you use AIA contracts (as for the ARE's all things are based on the AIA Contracts) the AIA has lawyers that have worked that all out in the interest of the Architect in the contract documents.

Allow me to mention, that I have in my career scarcely worked on a project with AIA Documents as the contractural basis...

Taken directly from the AIA B101

§ As-designed record drawings are the record of everything the Architect designed for the Project and include the original Construction Documents plus all addenda, Architect’s Supplemental Instructions, Change Orders, Construction Change Directives and minor changes in the work

§ As-constructed record drawings (commonly called “As-builts”) are the record of the Project as constructed based on information the Contractor provides to the Owner under the contract for construction. Because the As-constructed Record Drawings will be based on the Contractor’s mark-ups, the Architect is not responsible for the accuracy or completeness of the As-constructed Record Drawings.

In its most simple, Record drawings are prepared by the architect based on what the contractor gives them. Whatever records the contractor has kept. Including all modifications, field changes, etc. The architect is not responsible for verifying the accuracy of what the contractor provides them to create these record drawings. As Built drawings are the drawings that the contractor kept of how they built the project, including any changes, alterations, or modifications made during construction, on site, WITHOUT Architect's plans directing them to make those changes.

Architects should avoid using the term "as built drawings."

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