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The Secret to Learning Anything (Fast)

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

There's a saying by the mental jedi master and learning expert Jim Kwik: "When you teach something, you get to learn it twice". Now I can tell you with 100% certainty how true that is.

I slugged through my first few exams and struggled to really retain what I was learning. I read through all the required texts, took the obvious notes, watched various ARE prep videos, and bombed two exams. I chalk it up to "surface learning", passing my eyes over the material and hoping it would stick. It does not.

A few months ago Mark and I had the idea to start Archizam. I had 4 exams to go at this point. Mark had the hard 2 - PPD & PDD. The first two had taken me over a year and a half. This is when something incredible happened. I quickly realized that in order to write strong practice questions and give solid explanations, I needed to KNOW STUFF! My studying now had an immediate and tangible purpose. I delved deep into the content and it suddenly became so much more interesting.

With this new study strategy in hand, I powered through the 4 remaining exams taking each exam 2 weeks apart and finishing within 2 months. It's worth noting I have a 1 year old, a dog, and I work full time. There's a saying, "you don't know something unless you can teach it to your grandmother". I urge everyone to take that approach! If you truly want to learn, and learn FAST, teach what you know. Spread the knowledge. The holes in your own knowledge begin to show very fast.

One way you can teach what you know is to CONTACT US with a short explanation of something you found fascinating while studying! Let us post YOUR knowledge and share it with others.

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