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The best way to learn is to teach

"The best way to learn is to teach." (credited to Frank Oppenheimer)

If you need reinforcement of this, someone at TIME Magazine wrote a short article about it here

No exceptions. So we offer a challenge for everyone to pick a question below and either email your answer at, or COMMENT at the bottom of the page.

Do some research! When you challenge yourself to search and discover, you will never forget what you learned.

PCM: What is the point of a profit loss statement?

PJM: How is an employees hourly pay related to their billing rate?

CE: What is a GMP and why would it be used?

PA: What is the difference between an easement and a covenant?

PPD: In what climate would it be smart to locate a building at the bottom of a hillside in the valley?

PDD: How is a steel moment connection formed? How about a shear connection?

At ARCHIZAM we would love to take your answers and create a log of responses that can be used by other test-takers. People teaching people, and helping themselves learn deeper.

Best answers to each question will be entered for a free month of ARCHIZAM access!

We enjoy what we do! But it takes us a ton of time and effort.

If you're getting value from our website, please subscribe as a member!

Exam content is hard to find and often expensive. Our goal is great content that's affordable and helps you achieve your ARE goals.

One week left of this year. Ben and I passed our exams this past crappy year!

May you all pass your AREs this coming year as well!

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