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UPDATE: Immediate Feedback NOW AVAILABLE on ALL Exams

Updated: Feb 14

UPDATE: NCARB has now established the cut scores for all 6 of the exams!

Just wanted to post an update to you all on the change to the ARE "5.2" system - scores are starting to become available, and "provisional (immediate) feedback" has been reinstated (on PcM).

This means, if you were waiting to take the exams until the cut scores have been established - SCHEDULE YOUR TEST NOW!

Enough people have taken the Practice Management Exam that NCARB has established the minimum cut scores for the exam, and supposedly begun releasing score reports.

NCARB states "NCARB anticipates releasing the score reports for Project Management and Project Planning & Design next. We expect to release score reports for Programming & Analysis, Project Development & Documentation, and Construction & Evaluation last."

As always, Archizam is here to help ensure you pass.

Our practice exams are available in 3 lengths: 25 questions if you want quick study practice, 50 questions if you have a bit more time to test your knowledge, and 75 questions for those who want to simulate the real testing experience.

If you were unsuccessful this time around, give Archizam a try. We are here to help! Ben and I answer any and all questions you send us, and we provide study tips and guide you to references to help you succeed.

Mark & Ben, Archizam

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