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ICYMI: Archizam's Guide to Tackling the AREs

This post is for those of you JUST STARTING your ARE Journey.

We at Archizam created Archizam while we were studying for our #ArchitectureRegistrationExams. The questions we generated that you will find in our practice exams - are all created by us in order to better understand the topics we needed to study to pass our exams.


We both passed, without much fear or hesitation. We went in confident because we were prepared. We had read the resources, studied the study guides, taken the practice exams, and created our own word problems to test each other.

We passed, and so can you!

That is why we created the Un-official Guide to Tackling the AREs. We believe that anyone can overcome these exams regardless of age or field experience. The material you must learn is vast, but it is finite. The list of required resources is specific. With proper planning and a commitment of time and energy, you can learn everything you need to know to pass the AREs.

This guidebook is a short easy to follow roadmap of everything we wish we knew before we started our AREs. We think that it is a great tool to help form your strategy to attack and pass the AREs. We provide tips and tricks. We provide a guide to which references are valuable and which we think you can skip, as well as a basic cost estimate of each resource so you can plan your study budget. (You will soon realize that PASSING THE AREs IS EXPENSIVE!)

The guidebook includes:

  • A summary of the content and purpose of each of the 6 exams.

  • Strategies for how to approach and get started studying and testing

  • Encouragement to GET STARTED ASAP!

  • Potential testing orders (Our best suggestions included!)

  • Tips on How to hit each tests subject items

  • The Archizam Resource Guide Scale of Importance (TM)

  • Cutesy sketch drawings to remember topics by

  • Where to go for Helpful Feedback


  • And helpful interviews with successful professionals that once had to tackle the AREs JUST LIKE YOU!

This guidebook is not a study guide - it is A STRATEGY GUIDE! that will help you form a plan and stick to it, with which you will pass all six exams and become a Registered Architect! YAY!

We are proud of it, and we want you to give it a try and let us know what you think!

(Just a joke - we are not advertising on TV)

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