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CONGRATULATIONS to our recent successful users!

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

We have been around for awhile now and people are starting to tell us their success stories! We could not be happier to know that ARCHIZAM helped YOU achieve success, beat NCARB, and become another registered architect.


Truly, Congratulations!

Congratulations to these people for passing another division:

Chris Y - PA, PjM

Courtney S

Michael S - PPD

Junior C - PjM

Karoline B - PjM

I wanted to acknowledge the people who have reached out to us to let us know they have successfully passed their final exam:

Leo R. (PPD, PDD)

Jonghoo L.

Alex G.

Sanaz D.

Shuba K.

Patricia B.

Jessica R.

Spicer E.

In case you did not know - NCARB will send your record to the testing jurisdiction you selected "withing 45 business days." (It took NCARB EXACTLY 60 business days to send mine to the state.) Then your state will verify and approve, and as long as you have filled out your application and paid your money (completed the states requirements) -

(Pennsylvania took what seemed like FOREVER to finally approve my registration.)

CONGRATULATIONS - You ARE a Registered Architect!

Let me take this opportunity to encourage you to check out a few resources:

Hyperfine Architecture - Entrepreneurship Training - If you are thinking about starting your own firm or buying into a business - you might want some training or advice. Ben Norkin @ Hyperfine is an incredible resource who helped us create ARCHIZAM

Eric Reinholdt - 30X40 Design Workshop - This is just an incredible and inspiring resource for ideas, guidance, and direction in how to be a successful architect and so much more. Check out his site and his studio - there are so many things there.

B YOUNG DESIGN - Bryn Young created videos about her process of passing the exams, starting her own business, and running a successful award-winning firm. There are some really good tips and tricks in the content for young professional architects.

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