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Active Group Study

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

Archizam helps organize study groups.... Then you take the lead!

(Points to anyone who knows what the title drawing is from)

This old timey board game was very popular with my mom growing up!

We created Archizam to help us pass our exams. We were successful and we want to help YOU pass your #ArchitectureRegistrationExams!

One of the most helpful things to both of us was studying with another person or other people. Ben and I worked in the same office and took regular breaks together to review 2 or 3 topics we wanted to make sure we knew everything about. We would bring in our other coworkers and pick their brains about the subjects, and then challenge each other to find the actual answer from a primary source.

Study Groups give each person the opportunity to ask questions, hear others' explanations on subjects, and further develop their understanding of the subject matter. There is value in speaking with another person who has attempted the exam previously and has a feel for the information you need to know.

The traditional study approach puts too much focus on reading and not enough on remembering. It is a waste of time and energy to read a hundred pages of a textbook

and never practice recalling that information. You will not remember information during the exam that you have not connected with in some deeper way.

When you have a conversation about a subject, you engage with a question you can answer it in a different way. When you verbally explain a subject to someone else, it forces you to think deeply about the subject. We all want to know that what we are telling someone else is the correct information, and you will undoubtedly question your own knowledge. Questioning subjects require you to actually recall information rather than remember a specific line of text from a specific study guide you read a month or two ago.

An amazing thing happens as you push your knowledge beyond a mere note on a page. Ideas begin to link themselves together. Your knowledge of egress requirements will blend

with your knowledge of ADA accessibility and fire protection and occupancy classes. You will realize that nothing lives in a vacuum and that every idea connects in a way that comes together to create a building structure. You will remember that one piece of code you have to check, or the environmental condition you need to account for before you can answer the question about another piece of the subject. The pieces of the Case Study will fit together neatly like a jigsaw puzzle and you will get answers correct because you understand what you need to know to find the solution.

We at Archizam lead Single Exam study groups.

These group sessions last between 1-2 hours and cover 5 to 10 topics of your choice. These groups are open to all, from people who have just started studying for the exam to people who have taken and failed the exam multiple times.



We created a new page of Archizam called "Study Together". Let us know what kind of study group or partner you are looking for, and we will do the legwork.

This new part of Archizam will be in Beta for the month of August, during which time it will be FREE for everyone.

Starting in September, it will remain completely free and available only to Archizam Members with a current membership plan.


So far we have had great Study Groups for the CE, PPD, and PA exams.

Comment below or send us a message if you want to be included in future study groups.

We provide the medium for the initial study group. We provide the connection between you and the other people in your place who want help studying. We hope that YOU then take that study group and lead it yourself, continue to meet with others who still want to, for as long as it takes until you pass your exams!

(I even continued meeting with my study group after my successful pass, so I could help pass on to them what I had learned.)

As always the necessary DISCLAIMER:

Archizam will in NO WAY answer any SPECIFIC QUESTION that you remember from your attempt at any ARE. As part of the acknowledgments in the testing process, it is a violation of the NCARB testing policy to discuss specific questions from exams, and you can be held liable by NCARB for engaging in such conduct.

Archizam will not support or tolerate this type of conduct.

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I would like to be added to any PA or PPD groups you have coming up. Thank you for this!.


The CE study group was great. I will definitely want to do a part II


I would like to be added to any PA study groups you have coming up. Thank you.


I would like to be added to a study group, thanks Mark !!

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