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7 Benefits of taking Practice Tests!

NOTE: We are in the process of updating our testing service to provide a more similar experience to the NCARB Exams - including forward/back, and instant feedback at the end of each exam.

Quizzes and flashcards are great. BUT...

Short bursts of test prep that let you read through a few questions and maybe open you to things you were not aware of. At ARCHIZAM, we offer those short 20 question quizzes for people in a time crunch.

But they do NOT give you an overall picture of where your knowledge preparation for an Architecture Registration Exam is at.

And if we are honest, most times quizzes are done on autopilot without higher brain use.

Yes, We run a practice exam site and are encouraging you to take practice exams. This seems obvious, right? But we provide you with and encourage you to take longer more in-depth exams, and We do it because IT WORKS.

Archizam exists to offer longer, researched, and thought out practice tests. Each test question originates from a number of sources: the ARE Handbook, an experience in practice we have come across, a concept we know to be relevant to the ARE, a vocab item we did not know the answer to, or a concept we did not understand. We were candidates studying to pass the exams, writing questions to impart deeper knowledge to ourselves.

Our aim is not to give you the answers. Our aim is and will always be - to help you UNDERSTAND the questions, and confidently solve to select the answer you KNOW is correct.

We take this seriously

Practice tests are about 50-100 questions. This should provide a similar experience to #TheRealThing. I am talking about committing on an evening or a weekend, and running through a full practice exam - sit in one place, no cheat sheets or source material next to you - actually test what you KNOW practice exam. Dig deep into the depths of your brain without googling the answers. Find out WHAT YOU KNOW.


  1. Practice tests help you identify areas of weakness, and focus your studying on those topics you do not know

  2. Practice tests show you topics you confidently know (and do not need to spend much more time learning about)

  3. Practice tests help you RETAIN KNOWLEDGE from previous studying (Spaced Repetition and Active Recall) Studies show that practice exams are more effective for knowledge recall and retention than the same amount of time spent studying.

  4. Long practice tests mentally and physically prepare you for the ARE Exams - If you use the practice tests for the experience of sitting in one place for a length of time with minimal breaks (and no references). Don't worry, we are not checking your ID or making you lock your phone in a remote place.

  5. Archizam practice exams help familiarize you with the question types, and tricks NCARB adds to the questions to throw you off

  6. Practice Exams motivate you to schedule and complete the real exams!!!

  7. Archizam provides Access to ALL ARE SUBJECT DIVISIONS in one convenient place! A membership with Archizam allows you to take practice exams for every division at your leisure. (Be like Ben and schedule an exam every 2 weeks and get them done in two months of membership!

Now for a message from ARCHIZAM:

If you have not subscribed to our site PLEASE DO!

If you are actively practicing for the ARE's - Please purchase a membership.

We work HARD to create useful content. It takes a TON of time to create the site and write, edit, and post the practice exams, and it costs us money to run this site for you.

PLEASE, purchase a subscription - for less than the price of one subject study guide book, you get access to EVERY NCARB EXAM DIVISION from Archizam. - and help support our mission of affordable awesome practice exams!


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