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Who are we?    We are Ben and Mark and together we created Archizam. This project started as a study tool for us as we tackled the ARE’s. We quickly learned that writing and taking practice exams was the most effective way of studying. Most study methods lack a key element, recall. You read chapter after chapter of the Handbook of Professional Practice only to forget 80% of it. So how do we combat that forgetfulness? We have to practice recall rather than just reading. This is the goal of Archizam: to give you relevant practice questions and solid feedback so you can study smarter and remember quicker.


I’ve been obsessed with the science of how we learn and how we can learn easier. When I began my ARE journey I was woefully unprepared, wrongfully assuming that all my years of schooling had taught me something about studying. It had not. After about a year and a half of studying and little show for it, I changed tactics and began researching the “science of learning”. Someone had to have a better approach to studying than simply “read all the content”. What I learned completely changed my mindset. With some newfound passion I scheduled my remaining four exams each 2 weeks apart and completed the ARE’s within 2 months. A big part of that process was creating Archizam, and I want to share that experience and this resource with everyone who has found the ARE’s a daunting journey.



I have known I wanted to be an architect since age 7, and I have always focused on learning to become a registered architect.  I have had a long journey through life to complete the AXP and take my Architecture Registration Exams.  I studied when I could, and spent many late nights and weekends reading and taking notes.  My master plan was 60 days of focused studying for each exam, but life kept complicating that.  Meanwhile, I found that I needed more than reading study guides to pass the exams. ARCHIZAM helped me question the subjects and develop a deeper understanding of the topics I was supposed to be learning.  12 years after graduation, and several years later than my goal, I proudly passed my final exam.  I want Archizam to be a resource to every person who has doubted their knowledge or struggled with the confidence to pass the ARE's.  

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